Indoor Bar

Project Description

Project: Villa Serenity, Cascada de Camojan, Marbella 

Categories: Custom Furniture

Materials used: Krion solid surface, DM lacquered, X-light 

Appliances: Blastcool

Skills: CAD, Carpentry, Solid Surface, X-light

Challenges: Design and build an evenly lit gantry.

Brief Description:

Our main challanges on this project were the lit back drop which could also provide support to the shelving over such a large span, so we opted to use translucent “Krion” a solid surface material coupled with a fully custom built LED panel, the other challange we encounterd was the risk of scratching to the bar top and shelving areas, so for these areas we decided to use “X-Light” which is a porcelain tile which is only 3mm thick but comes in large format of 3m x 1m , this product allowed us to create  a very thin counter top which we adhered to the bar, the full bar was  colour matched to the “X-Light”.

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